Who Hosts This Site: 1&1

If you’re unhappy with your Web host or if you are making a Web site for the first time and want to know where to host it, we can tell you that KM Credit Money is hosted by 1&1 Internet.

1&1 offers a number of different Web hosting options, for both beginners and experienced webmasters. KM Credit Money sits on a 1&1 dedicated server, but many companies or bloggers can get by with much less. 1&1 offers super cheap hosting as well as the high-end options, and it has a lot of tools built in if you want to get to work right away using WordPress or other popular publishing software.

You can also get your domain name from 1&1 so that you can have a mysite.com type of address.

If you click on this 1&1 Internet link and use their services, KM Credit Money receives a commission. That said, there’s no incentive to steer you wrong — after all, 1&1 really does host this site, and we wouldn’t bother telling you that if we weren’t happy with their service in most cases. (Every Web host has a hiccup or two occasionally, including 1&1.)

Good luck!

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