By Rebecca Anders,,

I went to a concert recently and, like I have many times before, I relied on Uber to take me home. Only this time the concert was bigger than normal, it was dark and loud outside, and the Uber driver was having a heck of a time finding me. He called me, I tried to hear what he was saying, he talked louder, I shouted in return. He finally ended up picking me up on a crowded corner and telling me to hurry up and jump in because a city bus was behind him honking its horn. Hardly a seamless experience.

If you have a similar Uber story (and I hope you don’t), you’ll be happy to know that Uber has made a change in its app to allow you to communicate with the driver through the app itself.

Before you start thinking this sounds like Uber is suggesting its drivers should text while driving, this is mostly a one-way communication. You can send a message via the app to the driver, and that message will be read aloud to him or her. The driver can hit a quick “thumbs up” icon to let you know your message has been received.

In my concert example, I could’ve sent a message saying, “I’m in front of the church on West 6th, not sure of the address, but I’m wearing the cute red shoes I found at TJ Maxx today!” Or maybe something a bit more helpful 🙂

The messaging service is being added to the app over the coming weeks, so be sure to update your app if you’re a regular Uber customer.