The median full-time worker in the United States earns $865 per week, according to the latest quarterly statistics from the U.S. Department of Labor. The median weekly earnings for men is $950, and for women it is $765.

If translated to a yearly wage, the median income would be $44,980. The median for men would be $49,400, and the median for women would be $39,780 — a difference of just under $10,000 per year.

Also in the report were these interesting statistics:

  • Looking at statistics by race/ethnicity, Asians had the highest median earnings, at $1019 per week. Whites had a median income of $894, blacks had a median income much lower at $679, and Hispanics had the lowest median income at $649 per week.
  • Black women earned the most in relation to their male counterparts, earning 89.3% of the media male income. Hispanic women earned 86.1% as much as Hispanic men. White women earned 80.9% as much, Asian women just 74% as much.
  • As always, the level of education affects a worker’s earnings. Full-time workers age 25 and over with a bachelor’s degree had a median income of $1,280 per week, compared to $702 for those with a high school diploma but no college, and $512 for those without a high school diploma.

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