By Laura Mack,,

Introduction: Some products deliver enticing benefits that are outweighed by their sheer dorkiness. In the first installment of an ongoing series we’re calling “Genius or Goofy?”, we ask you to ponder The Mosquito Defeating Sports Chair, which comes, not surprisingly, from Hammacher Schlemmer:

This summer I have been outdoors more than any summer I can remember in many years. I have A LOT of mosquito bites, especially on my ankles. I burn citronella candles, I use Off!, etc., but many times I simply forget and end up so bitten that I can barely fall asleep at night. This chair is made for me!

Or is it? Yes, it appears the “1.0mm-wide super-fine netting that helps keep out mosquitoes and protects one from insect-borne illnesses such as Zika and West Nile virus” might work just fine. But where will I use this? Sitting on my back deck? At the kids soccer games? Around the camp fire?

If I have friends over, we obviously won’t all fit. Can I still sit in my one-person mosquito-fighting tent or would that be rude? If my friends all have one, too, can you imagine the scene if we all were sitting out on a beautiful summer night in our compact netted environments?

Would any person with a hint of self-consciousness really pull this chair out in front of others?

I believe the benefits of The Mosquito Defeating Sports Chair justify the $79.95 price tag. And there is a hint of genius in the idea. But, for me, it’s just too goofy. I’d put it right up there with hunting in a ghillie suit: