Citizens Bank announced today the “Fund Your Dreams” Giveaway, which will award $25,000 to one winner and smaller prizes to 12 other winners. The contest asks entrants to “submit a 30-second video or a 150 word essay (with photo) describing a dream that Citizens Bank can help turn into reality.” The winner of the contest will get $25,000, while other winners can take home $10,000 (one winner), $5,000 (one winner), or $100 (ten winners).

Entries can be made online at and must be completed by May 31, 2019.

The contest is only for those over 21 who live in a location where Citizens Bank does business, so be sure to read the official rules before entering.

Citizens Bank says the point of the contest is to “raise awareness of Home Equity Lines of Credit as low-cost borrowing options,” which, we assume, Citizens Bank would like you to use to “fund your dreams” if you don’t win the contest (or even if you do).

— By Adam Jusko Follow KM Credit Money on Twitter